What is Indiependence?

  • An Unmatched Opportunity to Break into the Creative Space: Our beta launch will be limited to just 300 individuals who will become keystone members of the 3BX platform. During our general release, 3BX will open to all and to democratize creativity for each and every indie creator. Sign Up for our Waitlist for a Chance to Get Early Access.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Verified Connections: Connect with who you want to connect with, not someone else. 3BX employs strict authentication policies to ensure that users are who they say they are to help circumvent everything from scams to Craigslist Killer-type stuff
  • A Marketing Tool and Social Network All in One: Collaborate with other indies, analyze the competitive landscape, measure engagement and grow your audience with help from 3BX. As we grow, well be building user education systems including but not limited to access to exclusive creative marketing resources and How-To/Indie Education resources that cover a broad array of topics: From artistic artificial intelligence (AI) integrations to indie artist showcases.
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3BX Works With You, For You and For Your Fans

Unlike other social media platforms, 3BX continually works with you towards a common goal: to get your music, your writing, your digital art — your creations — directly in front of the right fans. Grow with us as we compete against labeled artwork to liberate career creatives.

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Get 3BX for Fans

Ready to see an indie creative workforce like youve never seen it before? Get on 3BX as a fan; after our general admission launch in early fall 2023, itll always be free to register as a fan. Each fan account comes with built-in free credits and affords you the opportunity to donate to fans in exchange for exclusive work.

How to Become a 3BX Creator

3BX will operate on a tiered membership basis for all creatives, with tiers differentiated by level of access to our exclusive marketing and collaboration features.

It's Time to Get Independence for Independents

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