We're a Group of Indie Creators and Indie Fans - Just Like You

We're the 3BX team, a group of dedicated software engineers, UI/UX (user interface/user experience) designers, user researchers and social media specialists. Were united by one common goal: to help independents gain independence.

Woman Singing Indepences With Broken Glass Surrounding Her
Woman Singing Indepences With Broken Glass Surrounding Her

Life at 3BX

“I'm naturally driven to build things. I find great joy in building up people and seeing them succeed and achieve great things. It is very gratifying to know you were part of their growth. This is my WHY. I want to build a great company. An ethical company. A company that aligns with my core values. A company where my peers will join me to build up great people. After a great conversation with Will, 3BX is the company where we can do that and provide the tools and platform to build up independent creators and enable them to shine. I'm excited to be part of this. I am committed to building up the technology organization and the people that drive it.”

— Sean Tu, Chief Information Officer at 3BX

The 3BX Commitment to Inclusivity

3BX is committed to maintaining a community that contrasts starkly with that of other social media companies. 3BX is an inclusive platform and workforce. We believe that diversity and equity in the workplace fosters effective decision making. With internal initiatives like diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) & neurodiversity training, plus a high emphasis on usability and accessibility in our product itself, 3BX truly is the social media platform and workforce for all.

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Diverse Talent Creates a Cutting-Edge Product

Our teams culture spans many ages, cultures and experiences, creating a forceful impact in the social media tech landscape. At 3BX, everyone has a voice in the development of our product.“Working with and maintaining a diverse talent landscape is a surefire way to develop veritable approaches in complex problem-solving situations,” says Dr. Christopher Peacock, our Chief Architect. "That's why we've committed ourselves to initiatives like our internal DEI workshops, to ensure psychological safety is a priority for all.”

The 3BX Workforce Achieves and Maintains Independence for Independents

3BX democratizes creativity both internally and externally. Our dedication and inclusivity at the corporate level shines so bright, youll feel it in the end user experience as well. Rely on 3BX to help you break out of harmful social media platforms and into something that helps you achieve the social media experience you know you deserve.

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