The 3BX Vision

3BX was founded by William Thompson and Tapasya Cheulkar with one vision: to achieve independence for independents. 3BX, or Books Beats Box, was built from the ground up by a bold team of indie creators who were sick and tired of living the "starving artist" trope, united by a vision of democratizing the indie artist presence online. Our goal is to make 3BX artists connected, successful, and in control of their work.

What is Independence for Independents?
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Creating Independence for Independents

This is the place to build with like minded individuals and further your unique style as an INDIE creative. Respond to your calling by making your passion your day Job

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A Social Media Platform for All Creators

Authors, musicians, artists — indie creators of all types — can dominate in the digital space with 3BXs easy-to-use interface and diverse opportunities to shine.

A Marketing Ecosystem for Indies

Become your own marketing team with ease on 3BX. We provide not only KPI tracking on your creations, but also advertising tools to help you gain a real following.

Market Your Work and Get Fans Like a Pro

We made sure you don't lose any audience along the way with our incredible and user-friendly system where you can sync your data, fans, and more from other platforms.

3BX is a Fully Integrated Ecosystem for Creatives and Fans

We offer a full-featured digital marketplace, an advanced digital advertising system, collaboration and bartering centers, and so much more. Were your one-stop shop for indie creation discovery and indie creative success.

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The Skies Were The Limit, but now We’re Taking This To The Moon

In the past many creators growth was limited by: other platform’s focus, limited human community and steep learning curves. As independent creators ourselves, we have recognized these many set-backs and used them to jump-start THE DIGITAL RENAISSANCE.

Time to ascend to the next level of media and entertainment with 3BX!!!

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How-To with 3BX

Want to read our latest blog articles in our How-To/Indie Education series? We hoped so!

Go to The 3BX Newsroom for How-To Content for Indie Musicians, Indie Authors and Indie Artists.