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Want to get your art out there? 3BX democratizes the indie market by giving you plethoric opportunities to shine — from fan acquisition to advertising to profitable creative-to-creative exchange and collaboration — we've got you and the art you love to create covered.

3BX is a Social Media Platform

On 3BX, you can meet your fans and collaborate with other creatives with ease. Unlike other social media platforms, 3BX employs Know Your Customer (KYC) to verify user identities. Skip social media platforms that leave you guessing who's behind the computer: Get 3BX.

3BX is a Marketing Tool

With our groundbreaking user interface (UI), 3BX empowers indie creators to become the professional marketers they need to be in order to turn a solid profit in the industry. We employed some of the best marketers and developers in the game to conjure a gorgeous analytics dashboard, plus exclusive marketing and fan acquisition resources, to make sure you're breaking into the indie market with a bang. Discover the latest in indie creator marketing.

We Democratize Creativity with Exclusive Content

On 3BX, fans of indie authors, animators, musicians and artists can get fresh-off-the-press, exclusive access to creations, private book readings, virtual concerts and demos that they can't get anywhere else. Get 3BX for fans.

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